Saturday, January 20, 2018

Black and white

Black and white will always be my favorite combo.
Sometimes i just like to change it a bit by wearing some faded black jeans for example, it brings a little more visual interest to the look and makes it more casual.
I always loved white coats and blazers i think they are so so chic, i absolutely love this one from VIPshop, i also love to see ti with a t-shirt some blue jeans and a pair of white sneakers and can't wait for spring to wear it like that (and for all the other reasons too, like the amazing weather, the beautiful days, the landscapes, the flowers, the smells ;)

Plaid and leather

I love moto leather jackets since i can remember, and they are so versatile that van be worn with everything, in every style during all year.
One of my favorite things about leather jackets is that i can wear them in a colder summer night, over a cute top and a pair of shorts, for example, and i can also wear it during winter if i wear something cozy underneath, because leather is not warm enough for winter but if you're wearing a warm sweater you will be absolutely warm because the leather doesn't let the cold in.
This leather jacket is from Leather Skin and you can find it here.
And how cute is my bag? I absolutely love this bag, it's a classic black nag with some discrete gold details, that can be dresses up or down, it literally looks good with everything!
The bag is also from Leather Skin and you can find it here.
Found this trousers on Zara's sales and loved the plaid in them, they are black and white with some thin green lines too. They were loose and wide on the bottom but i made them tighter.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Black and red

My absolutely favorite color combo this winter.
To be honest almost during my entire life time i hated to wear red during Christmas season, i thought it was to kitsch to cheesy to be honest, i didn't like to match the season too much, so i almost only wore it during summer.
Now i really love to wear it even during winter.
Here i'm wearing one of my favorite pair of trousers, they are from In The Stye, and you can find them here

Friday, December 15, 2017

Chunky knit and plaid

I've been completely obsessed with this coat, and want to wear it with every combination possible!
It's the perfect checkered coat.
Here i'm wearing it in a unusual (but that is becoming much more usual lately) way, because i'm almost not wearing black. Lately i've been really into changing the black details for brown and that can really change a look.
With a very classic and casual base of dark jeans + cream cable knit sweater, i decided to wear my new favorite boots from Prof, you can find them here.
The brown matches the light brown detail of the coat and i love it.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Mixing neutrals

If i wore this outfit a few years ago i would go for black boots and a black bag, but i've ben really into mixing neutral colors lately, i think the looks ends up being so much more interesting.
Although all the colors are very neutral and discrete i think the look reaches a whole new level.
And what inspired me to do so were my new favorite boots, i'm absolutely obsessed with this boots, they are from Prof and you can find them here.
Seriously need a brown bag though, i'm int he search for the perfect one. 

Monday, December 11, 2017

Plaid coat and brown boots.

Favorite coat of the moment and favorite pair of boots of the moment, and absolute favorite coat + boot combo of the moment!
As you all know i'm such a sucker for plaid and check, always have been, and i love to wear plaid from head to toe, so the big coat is amazing if you want that strong plaid look. What i love the most about it is that it's not only black and white (although you barely can see it in the photos) it also has a light brown lighter plaid over the black and white and that's my favorite part, because i can play much more and match it with camel colors, beiges, and browns, and at the same time is neutral enough to be wore with any color.
The coat is from Metisu and you can find it here. It's my first time buying at Metisu and i completely fell in love with the quality of their clothes, this is such a great coat, and the turtleneck sweater i'm wearing is also from Metisu, it's so soft and warm, and i absolutely love the shape of it. I love to pair a good plaid coat with a roll neck sweater, it's the perfect basic, you can find this one here.
The boots are my latest favorite, have them for a week or less and already wore them 4 times x) they are from Prof and you can find them here, if you're a "only black boot" kind of girl they come in black too. 

Sunday, December 10, 2017

The end of fall

Autumn is coming to and end and winter is just around the corner, although i like Christmas and my favorite clothes are winter clothes, i'm not a fan of the cold weather, i mean i like it cold enough to be cozied up in a warm sweater, i big coat and a pair of boots, but i don't like that cutting cold weather, the one that kinda hurts our face and hands, and that looks like it lasts forever.
The end of fall has my favorite weather for this kind of outfit.
Here i'm wearing a cozy sweater from Romwe, you can find it here.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

White boots

The white boots trendy totally got me and i will put up a lot of looks wearing this Shuzee boots.
Are you a white shoe fan? I'm usually not, but now i'm so into it, love how vintage it looks.
Even if you're not into white boots, this babies come in black and a lot of metallic colors, go check them out here.
Here i'm wearing a pretty light look, although it has black in it, the whole outfit is very light what is not very usual of my but the boots made me want to try something different.
I absolutely love to wear them in a all black look too, or with earthy tones and a dark pair of jeans, can't wait to put up some styles like that.